Discover Credit Card

There are quite a few different types of Discover Credit Card options available on the market these days. Making sure that you are kept up to date on which card options are the best for you is the only way to know what's going on at all times. There are sometimes that you can think you are finally ready for a certain card option, and then you try to search it online only to find it's no longer available.  We have put together this article just to touch on a couple of the card options that have been around when it comes to the Discover Credit Card. These happen to be the best of the best for Discover Credit Card options these days. If you are looking for general purchases, check out the Discover It card. The Discover It offers 5% cash in return and is a card that offers bonus rewards in rotating categories throughout the year up to $1,500 per quarter. Next, we will list a few of the other great cards that are offered through the Discover Credit Card programs.

Discover It Student Credit Card
This is the student card option that Discover has to offer. Not many card companies are still promoting their student cards anymore. That makes this card one of the few left. It's not nor has never been the greatest card, yet it's still pretty good. There’s no annual fee and offers 5% cash return on purchases in the rotating category list. Also, it offers and intro of zero interest for six months on purchases.

BEST RIVAL: The Citi Forward Student Card


This card is one of the best rivals to the Discover It student card that is still around. You also get the 5% cash return but it includes all of the fun things of college life such as the concerts, movies, bar scene and restaurants. This is pretty cool because it is a bit more realistic in reach into the areas where most college students will actually likely be spending most of their money while in college. This card goes and rewards them for basically being human and enjoying their college years along the way. They don't stop there either. They have a full breakdown on many more features that you can find on their website if you think that this rival option is truly better. For some people, they may not like the idea of supporting their college students going out to bars and concerts even if it will gain them rewards and cash returns for doing so. Parents who would learn of this card may want their student more focused on school so would probably not like this card much.

Discover Miles Credit Card
This card is the better one that beats out the Business Miles card also by Discover. This card offers two miles for every dollar that is spent using the card. This only works for up to $5,000 spent in a years’ time unfortunately. When it comes to limits, people don't usually like limits unless they have lower standards.

The Chase Ink Cash

Out of the few options available in the Chase Ink category, this one is the better one of them all. This card has no annual fee. It also offers 5% rewards on all of your office needs including phones and cable as long as it is within the first $25,000 spent with your card. Within that same $25,000 you will get 2% cash rewards on charges for gasoline and restaurants. Then lastly, you also receive 1% on all other purchases made using your card.

Hopefully you have learned a bit more about these options that are offered by Discover. We wanted to make sure to give a rival for the student card as it happens to be the biggest card offering at the time from Discover. We think you should always be able to make your own choices for your financial needs. Nobody knows your financial situation better than you so we hope you find the card option that is best for you.